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art theory Q for y'all: Abstract/"Decorative" art and Sex/Racism:

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Eliza Jones (ejones)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 11:06:58 -0400

"Some years ago I noticed that the most taboo thing you could say about an
abstract painting was that it was decorative. After some thought I realized
that this taboo was both racist and sexist." -Joyce Kozloff, visual artist

There's a quote from one woman artist and a good starting point for a heated
discussion! I have this quote up in my office and some students were asking
about what it means. I have a general sense of the background to this
perspective, but not enough to answer my students' questions in a helpful
Can anyone help me shed light on this in a way that is meaningful to curious
9th graders?
Thanks in advance to all you wonderful artisteducators!

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To: Johanningsmeier, Debbie;
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"Johanningsmeier, Debbie" wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions for organizing all the great ideas we
> get from this list serve? I can't seem to print out individual
> e-mails from the list. I always get the entire thing, and then
> take the time to go back through it all and end up with tons of
> re-reading to do. I love this list, though, help! dj...

Do you mean you have the digest and only want to keep a post or two?
The simply highlight-copy- paste on a new message- title and save in
your draft file and then move to an assigned file-or send to your
self. Then you will have a copy in your sent file you can move to
another file entitled lesson plans, or artnet friends, or web sites
etc. You can also do this in the archives or on the www. I usually
include people's email addresses then if I have a question later and
forgot who sent it in I can email them directly. Or in the case of
the clay flutes I can repost and if anyone is interested then I can
send them the person to contact privately. I myself have "Sandra"
as a file and then there are sub files-lesson plans, preschool, web
sites, artnet recipients. So anything I want to keep gets sent to
those files and I clean out the trash and inbox daily. I also have
"Boys"- for family messages and my husband has several for all his
mail too.

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