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RE: Sub Plans for 3 days (HS)

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Fields, Linda (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:12:41 -0400

I have found that my upper level kids are usually pretty good about
doing their regular work and their behavior, but my art I kids and
crafts class need heavily structured lessons. Part of the problem is
finding subs who are "aware" enough to know what's going on. Do you have
any say in who is hired? It makes me really uptight when I leave very
detailed plans and the sub doesn't follow them. One thing that I have
found slightly helpful is that I write a letter to each group, copy
it,and have it distributed to each student. What I include is my
expectations for them, directions on what they are to do, and a place
for them to sign it. This serves several purposes:1. it is a
double-check on attendance; 2. the kids should know what to do even if
the sub messes up directions; 3. their signature tells me they had the
information and they can't use "she didn't tell us" or something similar
as an excuse. I often use videos with handouts too, or some "fun" design
projects. Occasionally I'll use bookwork, but that is not as successful.
I understand your apprehension. It is more trouble to be out
than there, but people outside the field don't get it. Last week I came
back to discover that my crafts kids had broken into a brand new box of
clay and thrown it around the room. I had hidden or locked up everything
else. Yesterday I demonstrated to them how hard a piece of dry clay is
and informed them that throwing it at a person could net them assault
charges or worse. They were subdued for about ten minutes.
Good luck. Plan as best you can, then go off and forget it for 3
days. Enjoy. Linda in NC

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> Subject: Sub Plans for 3 days (HS)
> Hello. I am taking 3 personal days next week and I wonder if I should
> leave
> them to work on their existing projects while I am gone.
> I do not want their projects to go down the drain just because I had
> to take
> time off, but I do not want the 3 days to be wasted days.....
> Any suggestions? I was thinking that one day could be spent working
> on their
> sketchbook assignment which is always due on Friday.....
> I have a movie on The Louvre (unrelated to any of their projects at
> this
> time, but is ART related)
> Or I was thinking about renting the movie from Blockbuster...I think
> it is
> called Surviving Picasso.....
> We are going to be doing self portraits next in all of my classes if
> this
> helps....I could have them do an "uninstructed" head drawing of the
> person
> sitting next to them (practice) for their own self portraits....
> Help! Three days away! I am sure to come back to a disaster....
> Artalk1