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Re:Discipline in our schools

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 08:29:57 -0400

BluesTruth wrote:
> Hi, Friends!

> When the rep left--I really laid into these kids! I told them all I can do
> is flunk them and keep them from the honor roll by giving them each a "F"
> on this quarter's report card. I'm thinking of canceling art for them
> --study hall instead. Anyone else have an experience like mine? What did
> you do?
> Thanks, everyone!
> BT (Jill)

You mean there are actually kids eligible for the honor roll in this
class from hell?
How can that be? I understand mixes of all kinds, but are you
punishing those kids that are good and on the honor roll? Or is
everyone acting bad even the "Good" ones? I would say then they are
taking advantage of you. What ever happened to your looking for
another job? Didn't you say you were last Spring? I'm not telling
you to quit, but it doesn't seem as though the administration cares
at all. In my son's school (k-8th) Lutheran- they start young- tabs
after a first warning, 2nd tab= note to parent, third tab principals
office. They also loose recess privileges for not having homework
done and no parent signature on all tests and notes that go home. My
son's class is the largest (23) he's in third- we do have special ed
students and their behavior is in check- because they know their
parents have to be involved and they will be called. Hey some even
have stayed after school.Yes, they do spank at school- only the
principal and only in front of a parent- you can waive this right-
but then the student can be expelled. By the way- I've only heard of
one child being spanked
and that was after many attempts to reach this child and a parent
meeting. It was before we moved here. Something should be done to
reach these kids> eventually there will be copycat killings in the
urban city. Have you talked to any of these parents or had
conferences with any of them. How about written notes with
signatures and then a callback to the parents if the kids don't get
them. I have a question- are the adults in charge of the school? Or
do the students control it? How would a family be if the kids were
in charge of the rules and discipline? YOu know what a brat is like
when your out at a store or restaurant> it's embarrassing for
everyone. The question is If you don't correct ( discipline) your
kids- Won't society have to discipline them?