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Re: Sub Plans for 3 days (HS)

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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 22:54:27 -0400


i've tried it both ways and have fared much, much better showing a video. a
drawing/sketchbook activity wouldn't be too bad, i guess, but i haven't had
good luck with subs encourging kids to work rather than fool around. when
my ms'ers see a sub, they think, "party time!" they have told me this
themselves! and they're (normally) really super kids. i just can't handle
coming back and finding the art room trashed, supplies gone or destroyed,
projects hurriedly slopped together. i feel bad because to me this
indicates i have made them too dependent on me (they don't do that stuff
when i'm there!) but that's the way it seems to be...

ALWAYS watch any movie you show to your kids yourself first! i haven't seen
surviving picasso yet but have heard it might be a little intense for

one of my standby videos is the computer animation festival, a collection of
shorts. the kids have a two page handout packet that i made to go with the
video. they complete part of it as they watch and finish it when the video
is over. it has lots of questions about acheiving artistic effects,
communicating with images, and so on. there are questions that require
drawn answers, too. my students and subs have good things to say about it
and it keeps the kids' minds thinking about art!

hope this is useful info!


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Subject: Sub Plans for 3 days (HS)

> Hello. I am taking 3 personal days next week and I wonder if I should
> them to work on their existing projects while I am gone.
> I do not want their projects to go down the drain just because I had to
> time off, but I do not want the 3 days to be wasted days.....
> Any suggestions? I was thinking that one day could be spent working on
> sketchbook assignment which is always due on Friday.....
> I have a movie on The Louvre (unrelated to any of their projects at this
> time, but is ART related)
> Or I was thinking about renting the movie from Blockbuster...I think it is
> called Surviving Picasso.....
> We are going to be doing self portraits next in all of my classes if this
> helps....I could have them do an "uninstructed" head drawing of the person
> sitting next to them (practice) for their own self portraits....
> Help! Three days away! I am sure to come back to a disaster....
> Artalk1