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Re:coil baskets

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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 20:19:36 EDT

I have done coil baskets with my 6th grade for the past two years. They not
only love it, but are very successful. My students were average to low
functioning. It is not a difficult concept. In fact, many of my non-English
speakers did an amazing job. I found that students from Somalia really took
off with coiling and there is nothing in their background to indicate this-or
so they tell me. Anyway... I start all of their baskets for them. They draw a
sketch for the shape of their intended basket-straight up, bowl, curved...
When they are done I have them pick out a length of yarn equal to twice the
length of their extended arms-finger tip to finger tip times 2! They then
wrap the end of the coil up 2 inches and thread the needle on the other end.
I spiral and secure by making a few stitches for them. I found that they have
difficulty holding the cord in a spiral while securing it. At that point they
begin to coil. Our rule is wrap 10- stitch 3- wrap 10- stitch 3 ... Make
sure to emphasize that you do not stitch into the middle-just one coil in.
That seems to be the most difficult part. They need to show me their basket
before starting the sides. If they stitched into the middle I can catch it
before they are too far along. They get so excited that I allow them to take
extra yarn and work at home. Some end up around 5 inches. Others are 12 to 18
inches. We put handles and lids on some. Many kids want to make more so I
show them how you can take plastic grocery bags and twist them and secure
with masking tape every few inches and use that for coiling core to make
additional baskets at home. One boy came back to me a year after we coiled in
class and showed me how he had added onto his at home. It was the size of a
garbage can! This is one of their favorite projects. Many baskets ended up in
lockers as pencil or change holders. Oh- the favorite among yarn is always
the multicolor.
Hope this helps,
Kelly in VA