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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 20:13:52 EDT

Hi, Friends!

Can we brainstorm ideas for murals? I have always had my students create
Diego Rivera and Carmen Garza type ("Our Community or Neighborhood") murals.
Jungle animals/Rainforest are other things we have done. I'm looking for
new ideas!

BTW: We had people from the state of Illinois visit our school today to
write a report of the condition, educational services, etc. of our school.
Last week, our students were told by teachers and administrators
(threatened--more like it) that they have to be at their best behavior
because of these state bigshots.
Today, my classes were terrific (for a change) and all of the kids were very
well-behaved....and then came my 7th graders....and yes, you guessed
walked a representative from the state (Surprise!!!) to observe me ---with
the class from hell!!! The kids threw crayons, shouted obscenities,
constantly got out of their seats, sang rap songs, ran into the halls and
around the classroom, etc. THIS is what this lady saw today! It was a
nightmare! I really tried to settle the kids down, but no luck! I went up
to the rep and sheepishly asked her to come back at another time. What else
could I do --or say?
When the rep left--I really laid into these kids! I told them all I can do
is flunk them and keep them from the honor roll by giving them each a "F"
on this quarter's report card. I'm thinking of canceling art for them
--study hall instead. Anyone else have an experience like mine? What did
you do?
Thanks, everyone!
BT (Jill)

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