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Re: Grading in Elementary art

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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 11:31:35 EDT

I agree with your grades, if they all deserve a good grade, then give it to
them. When I grade the projects of my kids I usually give them 3 - 5 grades
for each assignment. I might give them a grade for each: neatness, following
directions, completing work, behavior in class ... etc. If a student is
doing all of these things well, I have my grade book to back up the report
card grade. If a kid follows directions, but is always sloppy, the grade
book reflects that, if a kid does beautiful work, but never finishes a
project, then the book reflects that too. Documentation in your book will
prove your grades aren't just "I like them so they get an 'O'." Life is too
short to sweat the small stuff!
:) Laura Allan
Cicero Schools, Illinois

In a message dated 10/1/99 10:48:16 PM Central Daylight Time,
DaynaB62 writes:

<< Questions for all you experienced art teacher gurus out there:

I'm in a new k-5 school this year and I understand that my predecessor was a
really tough grader. Several parents had questions in past years and had
complained, "What does my child have to do to get an O in art ??!!) PE was
just as tough. We give O for Outstanding, S - Satisfactory and N-needs
improvement and that's it. This is a very high-test-scoring school with many
kids testing as GT and very supportive and involved parents.

In my former (rougher) school, I basically gave O's to students that showed
up, tried everything, cooperated, demonstrated an understanding of the art
objectives, included the things I was asking them to include, were
respectful, didn't throw objects, curse me and didn't carry on loud, rude
conversations while I was giving directions.

In the new school, all the children are respectful, eager to try everything,
take pains to include the things they need to, finish the projects, are
cooperative and follow directions. Basically, a dream school. (And yes, I
know I am lucky.) They work hard to attain good grades as it is important
them and their families and I am at a loss as how to grade them. I don't
think they should have to struggle for an O in art.

I am sure to tell them that they needn't be 'talented' to get a good grade
To me, an O equates to an A or a B and an S is closer to a C. An N would be
a child that doesn't do the work or try to complete it. I guess that's my
problem and I am worried that I might be considered an 'easy' grader. But
then again, this is still elementary art and why should they be

Advice, please!

Dayna >>