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RE: clay flutes.

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Hansgen, Nuit (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 13:33:12 -0400

No flutes, but I have done rainsticks using clay tubes and either nails
or fencing staples (sort of a U-shaped nail) stuck through the cylinder
wall. The tubes are decorated and the sound is made by filling them with
either clay beads, sand or pebbles (make sure you have them wiggle the
nails so accomodate shrinkage)-- depending on your working method, you
can fill them before the bisque or after (it is often easier to make one
hole big enough to put the sound-making material in after the bisque and
then seal it with beeswax or a smaller clay plug-- less mess if you have
kiln fatalities). Rattles are also a great success-- and easier than the
rainsticks, since you are essentially making a pinch pot with a narrow
opening. Have the kids scrounge for good thick sticks or make the
handles out of clay, then piece it all together after firing, filling
with pebbles or whatever sounds good.

Wait, I have one more!
We also did a couple of digeridoos-- this was a group effort, but the
results were dramatic and quite playable. These were made MUCH easier
with the help of the biggest fitting on an extruder, making a series of
tubes all about a foot and a half long and then decorating by
incising...the bisqued pieces were joined with acrylic paint (makes a
good glue for ceramics, all things considered) and were about 6 or
so feet tall. If you like, I can send pictures of the adult versions (we
rakued ours, but the idea is the same)...even if you don't play them,
they make great sculptural pieces for a corner...

Hope that helps!


Nuit Hansgen
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>Subject: clay flutes.
>I would like to make simple clay flutes with third graders. Does anyone have
>any experience or suggestions? Can the shape be changed much, how far can
>you push the form and still work. Also any other instrument ideas? I would
>like them to visually pleasing as well. Susan in Ohio
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>third&nbsp; graders. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?&nbsp;
>the shape be changed much, how far can you push the form and still work. Also
>any other instrument ideas?&nbsp; I would like them to visually pleasing as
>well. Susan in Ohio</FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>