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Re: funding and computers

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Sun, 3 Oct 1999 19:32:02 EDT

I teach in an elementary art classroom in suburban Chicago. I have five
computers in my room plus a lap top for my own use, two color printers and a
connected 35" monitor, all of which are connected to the internet. Many of
the classrooms in my school have scanners in addition to their computers. I
did not purchase these through grants (although I admire the work and effort
that wizzle went through to get the equipment she has in her room). While I
once hesitated to describe my art room to other teachers, feeling a kind of
embarrassment for my riches, I now feel all should know. It is a wonderful
space for children to make art, a place all children in public schools ought
to have. Why don't all children have a space like the children in my school
do? I believe the answer can be found in the system of public school funding
that exists in this country, based mostly on local property tax funding. It
clearly punishes poor children. It creates great gaps in opportunity between
rich and poor in public schools. Instead of public education existing as the
foundation for democracy and equity, it is reduced to one more example of
inequity based on economic position. Shameful.


<< <<You have a computer? and a scanner? and technology IN YOU ROOM?????
do you teach? and in an elementary room? I don't even have that in a high
school program, but then I have nothing in my room to encourage students.>>

It has nothing to do where I teach. It has to do with ME. I write grants;
lots of them! I get $$$$ for the grants and that buys the stuff! If I waited
around to get equipment like this from my school, I would still be waiting.
wizzle >>

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