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RE: 4th Grade Play

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D. Sterner (dsterner)
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 16:56:13 -0400

I did Jack and the Beanstalk a few years ago. I used a huge cardboard roll
from a carpet company (more commonly, a paper towel roll..only from a carpet
store - I call 'em do-da-doo's) They can be easily donated, just ask.
Next, I had the kids cover balloons with paper mache. Then we cut the
balloons length wise in quarters. The cut pieces look like leaves from a
stalk and so we secured them to the "pole" with tape and more paper mache.
Once it was dry, we painted it. I also secured it in a pop can carton
filled with plaster. That stalk still haunts me as staff are reluctant to
throw it out.
hope this is helpful

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[]On Behalf Of Cynthia Davies
Sent: Sunday, October 03, 1999 2:19 PM
Subject: 4th Grade Play

The all encompassing 4th grade play is upon me again. In the past we've
made acrylic on brown paper, trees, animals, clouds etc and pinned them on
to the back curtain.This has been a pain, finding places to dry huge pieces
of paper, pinning onto a moving curtain etc + having to keep a newly
renovated art room spic + span.

This year I'm thinking of taping brown butcher paper to both sides of 3,
8'x3' hinged foamcore "flats" and getting the kids to paint vertically.
Problem is that the Drama/Music Dept have decided on 3 plays

Little Red Riding Hood
The Three Pigs
Jack and the Beanstalk

I thought of using the flats like an open book and throwing muslin over the
non relevant scenery but they don't like that idea. Any ideas out there?

My other problem is " the beanstalk"the best I've been able to come up with
is painting on to fabric which could lay folded on the floor until Jack
begins his climb ( either on boxes or a ladder) then he could carry the the
fabric (attatched to a dowel and big enough to hide the ladder) up with him
, problem is you'd see the top of the stalk before the bottom.

Ceramics are my strength, theatre set design is is not my forteI
I welcome any of your ideas.

PS I have 4 groups of 4th graders to do this at 7 hours per group before
Dec 6th

As always , I thank you in advance