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Re: funky lettering or graffiti art lesson plans?

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Michal Austin (whest177)
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 23:20:24 -0500

I do two lessons with lettering that are always big hits with my 6th graders,
both of which would work with 4th grade. Right now we're working on
complementary colors. We write our names in block letters (I will probably do
bubble letters next year), then put a dot near the center of the paper. Draw
three lines through the dot that go from one edge of the paper to the other
edge. Paint outside the letters as a color wheel. Inside the letters, paint that
color's complement.
The other project (URL below), I have the kids draw the alphabet in bubble
letters, changing the size and direction of the letters. In the negative space,
we draw patterns with sharpies, varying the thickness of the lines, etc. to
create different values. Then we color the letters with markers. An student
example is at


Sears, Ellen wrote:

> I just finished some letter color/space designs with fourth graders -
> They had to use their initial as the subject -
> I cut tag board into various sizes (2"x 3"; 4.5" x 3".... squares and skinny
> rectangles) we spent two days cutting out letter patterns - I started with
> showing them how to 'cut out what was not the letter' - that way they ended
> up with fuller letters, instead of skinny cut outs around a written
> letter...
> I started out with simple letters (like bubbles) - moved to letters that
> were less recognizable -
> they practiced patterns on 12 x 18 paper - we talked about radial patterns,
> flipping the letters for mirror images, half drops, interlocking forms...
> the letters should meet in areas to create new shapes in the negative space
> -
> the final was on 15" x 20" - we talked about different color families, and
> good color choices - they drew their favorite pattern, and now they are
> using oil pastels to fill in - some are making the negative space stand out
> more (a funky 'e' creates a repeated arrow when lined up) -
> They look great -
> We also did a signature design last year - do their names in a graffiti
> style - we used oil pastels then too - color in the signature - use varying
> widths of lines to trace around the name... the drawing should be cut into
> 3" squares, reassemble on paper that has a grid drawn on it - glue down -
> look at Klee's signature series -
> Ellen
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> > Subject: funky lettering or graffiti art lesson plans?
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> > Does anyone have a lesson plan based on lettering? My inner city
> > 6th-9th graders love bubble letters and graffiti art . . . we have limited
> > materials right now and I'm looking for cool lesson plans that sneak in
> > some
> > of the principles of design while kids learn how to design their own
> > alphabets or letter forms.
> > Suggestions?
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