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Asahi Japan Collectibles Catalog

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 01:47:09 -0500

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Found this cool Japanese web page!
If you have older computers then use the web page link do not press
on the box below!

john barrick
Sandra Barrick
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Asahi Japan Collectibles Catalog

Asahi Japan Collectibles Web Catalog

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Samurai Items

Samurai Baseball Cap

Sword Collectors' Database

Swords (Authentic Replica)

More Affordable Sword Replica

Antique Swords

Samurai Armor

Samurai Armor Helmet

Sword Maintenance Kit

Buddhism Related Items

Image of Buddha

Incense Burner Pot


Ukiyo-e Products

Katsushika Hokusai's MasterPieces

Hokusai's Ukiyo-e WoodblockPrints

Hiroshige's Ukiyo-e WoodblockPrints

Sharaku's Ukiyo-e WoodblockPrints

Utamaro's Ukiyo-e WoodblockPrints

Ukiyo-e Furoshiki (WrappingCloth)

Ukiyo-e Sake Set

Ukiyo-e Coffee Mugs

Ukiyo-e Coaster

Ukiyo-e Ceramic Magnets

Post Cards (Japanese Art Related)


Men's Kimono with Dragon Embroidery

Men's Dragon Kimono

Vintage Kimono and Obi List

Zori-Japanese Sandals

Women's Kimono1

Women's Kimono2

Women's Kimono3

Women's Kimono4

Yukata (Summer Kimono)(uni-sex)

Japanese Dolls

Hanayome (Bride) Doll

Oyama Dolls1

Oyama Dolls2

Oyama Dolls3

Oyama Dolls4

Wooden/Glass Case for Japanese Doll

Kokeshi Dolls1

Kokeshi Dolls2

Kokeshi Dolls3

Kokeshi Dolls4

Kokeshi Dolls5

Kokeshi Dolls6

Kokeshi Dolls7

Kokeshi Dolls8

Tea Break...Java Animations?

Crazy Hiragana.

Flying Asahi Logo.

Spinning Asahi Logo.

Flying Fan Over Shrine Gate.

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Electronic Greeting Card Series

Dragon Greeting Card

Virtual Allowance in Japanese Yen (FREE)

Virtual Shrine (FREE)

Send your message in Japanese (Semi-Japanese Web Word Processor) (FREE)

Invite friends to Virtual Japanese Kitchen! (FREE)

Invite friends to Virtual Tour to Kamakura--ancient city of Japan! (FREE)

Ai-Ai Gasa--Love Love Umbrealla--Japanese expression of Love! (FREE)

Invite friends to Virtual Sushi Party! (FREE)

Greeting Card with 800 Picture Selection! (FREE)

Greeting Card with Japanese Message! (FREE)

Komono (Small Items)

Kyoto Ornamental Plaque

Kyoto Nail Clipper

Kyoto Dinner Bell

Kyoto Paper Knife

Nippon Book Mark

Kyoto Calculator

Yuzen Bunko Box (perfect for jewelrybox)

Yuzen Mirror

Yuzen Tissue Box

T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Kamikaze Sweatshirt/T-shirt

Ninja Sweatshirt/T-shirt

Kotobuki T-shirt

Bijinga T-shirt

Ichiban T-shirt

Hokusai Sweatshirt/T-shirt

Dragon Sweatshirt/T-shirt

Yokozuna T-shirt

Kamon T-shirt

Edodako T-shirt

Koibumi T-shirt

Flag T-shirts

Mini Kamikaze T-shirt

Maiko T-shirt

Kabuki T-shirts

Crane T-shirt

Paper Products

Washi Coasters (Washi is rice paper)


Katakana Eye Exam Chart (A real eye exam chart that is used in Japan)

Momiji Kozara (Momiji is Maple leaf and Kozara is small dish)

Momiji Note (Perfect for diary and autographs)

Japanese Culture Related Books

101 Japanese Useless Inventions

What's What in Japanese Restaurants

Working for a Japanese Company

Happy Origami

The Haiku Seasons


Inspired Flower Arrangements

Practical Japanese Cooking

A Japanese Touch for Your Garden

Japan Crafts Sourcebook



Authentic Japanese Hanko Stamp!

Didn't find what you are looking for? No Problem. Click here to place a special order

Classified Ads

Free Information about Japan or Japanese Culture

Hiragana Game with JAVA Script (Netscape 4.0 Required)

Katakana Game with JAVA Script (Netscape 4.0 Required)

Chat Room (with JAVA)

Chat Japan (with CGI).

Japanese slangs you won't find in a dictionary

Meet other Japan Enthusiasts!

Join our mailing list?

Challenge the Quiz and translate your name into Kanji for free!

Challenge the Quiz and translate your name into Katakana for free!

Download Free Screen Saver Program

Omikuji-Is today your lucky day?

Send a message to the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Keizo Obuchi

The Constitution of Japan

What time is it in Japan?

What year were you born in Japanese year counting system?

Let's count in Japanese!

Cultural Conflicts--Japan VS. USA

Hiragana Chart

Kanji Story

Japanese Scenery

Japanese Scenery2

Kimigayo-Japanese National Anthem

Japanese food

Introduction Japanese

Japan Q&A

Japanese Map

Japanese Holidays

Links to Japan Related Sites

Link Exchange

Secure Online Order Form.

Order Form for S-Mail or Fax.

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