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Re: Foil Guys

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Dianna (dmammone)
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:59:34 -0500

Hey Sharon,
I love your style!
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From: Sharon Henneborn <heneborn>
To: ArtsEdNet-Talk <>
Date: Saturday, October 03, 1998 12:41 AM
Subject: Foil Guys

>Thanks to jerl in SC, Carolyn Roberts, and Linda in MI ( Sept.20 in the
>There is an invasion in my school of little foil guys. Music teacher
>wants a chorus and a bell choir to sit on her piano and file cabinets.
>The band director has put in his request. NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! AND
> First we make them and then we pose them and then we try to get our
>bodies to bend into the same pose! Then we pose a student model and
>make all our foil guys get into that shape. ~~Much faster and easier on
>the model. We haven't come to the sketching stage yet. Something to
>look forward to.
> Last spring the first graders reported the highlights of their trip to
>Princeton Univ. Museum ~~ the mummies 1st and the pre columbian figures
>2nd . I've been thinking about a follow up and Bingo! Little foil guys
>mummies wrapped in the sticky paper or masking tape. Pre columbian
>figures might be a stretch.
> We have a source of what we call sticky paper (the leftovers from a
>company that makes bumper stickers etc.) It comes in gold, silver,
>white, and wild fluorescent colors. Kids call them the volcanoe colors.
>Now I see little "in the style of" Kieth Haring characters running
>around the school~ foil guys covered in wild volcanoe colors. Designs
>with markers! Oh ! Where will it all end!
>Last spring I taught them to fold an origami Titanic and the teachers
>complained that they were turning every piece of paper into Titanics.
>Parents even had their mail folded into Titanics. So far there have
>been no complaints that the foil guys have invaded the community but
>give it time!
>Sharon Henneborn in NJ