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Re: No Time for Rubrics / grading

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Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:04:06 -0600

Whoa Sandra, You sound upset. I think you could look at rubrics or guides
from a different perspective. Kids could have very simple checklists on
half sheets of papers that you have made from copies. Each student would
check off things as they complete them in their assignment. They do not
have to be elaborate guides. Actually having copies of these guides ahead
of time might save you time everytime you do any particular lesson. You
wouldn't have to be writing the same thing on the board all the time.
Anyhow it is just a thought. Everyone finds different things that work for
I know what you mean by you know what an A looks like verses a "B". It
might work in art but it sure wouldn't fly in other subjects. More and more
politicians and others looking for accountability from teachers. And I'm
afraid someday someone might say the you know what an A looks like does not
satisfy them or administrators.

Hey, we all know how hard we work. Many of us are doing just as many
classes. When I did elementary I had 6 everyday with NO time in between
classes, except for lunch or a duty. I'm at a junior high now and believe me
at the end of the day when the kids leave I'm exhausted and often stay late
for catching up or working with students. Elementary teachers do not sit
down-LOL- do you think the rest of us are sitting on our duffs? Every level
has its challenges.
One last note, I know an elementary teacher who does portfolios and
sketchbooks with her 400 students. I do not think she knows what the word
"impossible" means.

Sandra Poos wrote:

> I have 6 to 7 classes every day. 1st and 2nd have 30 minutes and 3rd-
> 6th have 40 minutes. I tried using a rubric to grade their pictures, but
> it took too long to go through the check list for each student. I put on
> the board for each lesson, a check list for them to follow. When I grade
> about 32 projects in each class, I have NO time to use a rubric. In my
> head I know what an A looks like, a B, etc. If they want to know why I
> got a B, we check the check list on the board. I don't have time for
> rubrics. Great for High School and maybe Junior High, but IMPOSSIBLE for
> Elementary Art. Would like to hear from my other fellow ELEMENTARY Art
> Teachers on this subject. I really don't have any time to grade in the
> classroom as I am always up helping the kids, matting, helping other
> teachers, putting up displays,etc. Elementary Art Teachers DO NOT SIT
> DOWN!!!!! Most of the time I grade paper during lunch, take home and
> grade or if I am lucky, a break time (plan time).
> Sandy Poos
> Cahokia Dist. #187,
> Cahokia, Ill.