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Fwd: cultural diversity and art historically?

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Tue, 27 Oct 1998 16:06:05 EST

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Someone pointed out the following to me in reply to my question. After
reading it I realized that perhaps my question was misunderstood, so I wrote
this reply to clarify what I was getting at and hoping others might have a
comment now that I have made my question clearer. Thanks!

A member replied to my question:
My take on this is: in the arts, it is the quality of the work which matters,
not the person who creates it. I would also add that the arts address human
concerns and emotions, which are not restricted to any one segment of society,
but are universal.

In order to clarify my question I wrote: (hope this helps)
Perhaps I didn't speak clearly. I was not referring to who creates the art, I
was referring to the art itself, representing cultural diversity as well as
being miles ahead of other disciplines in doing so. I didn't mean an african
creating african art, or an english person creating english art etc........
What I meant was anyone creating art that shows cultural diverisity whether
realisticly or symbolically. Perhaps I need to rephrase the question to the
list members?


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Subject: cultural diversity and art historically?
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 10:23:13 EDT
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Many friends have commented that they feel that art, especially music and
painting is miles ahead and historically has been ahead of other aspects of
our society as far as merging cultural diversity into the stream. They feel
that our society finds the most tolerance for others via art in comparison to
popular culture, tv, education, etc.......... Therefore the art world is way
ahead of society. How do you feel about those comments and concepts? Do you
think that is true and if so in what way? Thanks.