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Re: Mike and the NEA

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 08:35:48 -0500

No I have not forgotten anything but I feel differently; the reason another
country wants to be the "protector" (umbrellaholder) is usually for their
own good . And I could give you many examples and continue this political
discussion but I donīt feel this is the place for it.

<Only for our own good? Excuse me? Perhaps you have forgotten what happened
<in 1941 in Sweden. Fortunately, countries like the USA have a better memory
<and also have the foresight to anticipate what might have happened had NATO
<not been there to dissuade Soviet imperialism. See how being spoon fed by
<nanny state makes citizens complascent?

I also donīt feel the icelandic goverment is a "nanny state", I actually
believe we have the same freedom as you in the US with far less problems.
Why donīt you take a look at the crime rate, drug abuse and the fact that
children murder children in your schools. Sad but I really donīt think you
have a very perfect society, but you have many good things and I hope you
will continue to enjoy them while I will enjoy the lifestyle I prefer.
Now I hope to return to discussing the arts some more.

Best regards from the far north, Rosa