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Re: Mike and the NEA

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Roseau (mikelr)
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 19:36:14 -0500

>As far as you Americans being generous to extend your defense umbrella over
>us in the Nordic countries(not states by the way) you must remember it was
>only for your own good, you wanted to be here it was very stratically
>important for the USA.

Only for our own good? Excuse me? Perhaps you have forgotten what happened
in 1941 in Sweden. Fortunately, countries like the USA have a better memory
and also have the foresight to anticipate what might have happened had NATO
not been there to dissuade Soviet imperialism. See how being spoon fed by
nanny state makes citizens complascent?

>I certainly do not characterize artists as helpless but as great wealth to

I think good cooks and excellent dog groomers are great benefits to
society,too, but I expect them to pursue their professions on their own. It
is elitist in the extreme to say that cooks are less deserving of public
money than are artists. Your attitude seems quite a non-egalitarian -
especially considering your socialist posturings.

>I do not believe poor children are just because of negligent parents, and
>I donīt think children should be taken from parents for reasons of poverty
>the goverment should see to that it does not have to be done.

There is plenty of food in the USA and no child has to go hungry if tended
by responsible parents. Also, you miss my point; no child should be taken
from his parents for reasons of poverty, but for reasons of negligence.

>As far as your discussion on the education system and health care we will
>never agree and I donīt care to bother to show you my point. All in all the
>choice is yours to live in your system and mine is to live here (by the way
>I can live in yours if I want to for Iīm married to an American citizen but
>we choose to live in this Nordic system you so dislike).

Vive la difference! Some people prefer being wet nursed by the nanny state,
others prefer the freedom to succeed and fail on their own, and to keep the
money they earn. It is the great conceptual difference in this century.
Europe has been mired in the socialist swamps for years. Besides, you can't
possibly believe that the European economy is as good as that of the US.
The average enemployment in Europe is double digits in almost every
country, the national debt as a percentage of GNP is a multiple of that of
the US, the output per worker is dramatically less, our rates of growth are
much better, and the average household net worth is higher.

>And again I said I like the discussion because there were many other
>interesting points being made. Anyway I donīt think weīll ever see eye to
>eye on this subject, I will remain a firm believer of goverment support for
>many things like: arts, culture, education and healthcare to name a few,
>but I believe in democracy and that is the system we have in the Nordic

I'm sure you're sincere in your desire to expand government into every
aspect of people's lives. The disposition to believe in activist government
defies persuasion regardless of the evidence. Our difference will
inevitably become a pure power struggle; your side will try to expand the
reach of government, my side will resist.

It can be done with some civility, however, but the struggle is real and

>Have a great day, best regards from the far north, Rosa

You, too - and I mean that (but I hope all of your candidates lose!)


Mike Reed