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Re: Mike and the NEA

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:08:40 -0500

Hey Mike. Did you ever live in one of the Nordic countries? I think you
forget that there are places in this world where people are better off than
in America but then of course I mean All the people in those countries,
because you cannot say that about america USA where you have so many
homeless people that it is shameful for such a rich country. You have also
lots of children actually going to bed hungry at night because of poverty.
I just had to say these few words because you sound so selfrightious
(wrong spelling I know) although arrogant will also do. Democracy is a
great thing and I live in a country that has the oldest democratic
goverment in the world, but like in every society there will always be
people who cannot for many different reasons get by without our taxpayers
money. And I for one am very happy to know my tax money helps keep both
education and health care free in my country, for everyone. I am also of
the believe that the goverment has to provide money to the arts and
culture. Why? because the arts are that way that there are many people that
the market would never recognize but will later in history be among those
who contributed much to the history of art. When I look back at our
history I see so many things we would not have as a part of our culture if
the market was only to decide who is to be able to make it as an artist. So
I really donīt agree with you, but I like the discussion.
Best regards from the far north, Rosa