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Re:Ideas for Islamic Tiles

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Sandra Hildreth (shildret)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 18:20:28 -0400

I do this as a design project with paint - but it could easily be
adapted to tiles. It is done with a ruler and compass, but doesn't
require any measuring. Start with a square - draw 2 light lines across
it, diagonally from corner to corner - where they cross is the center.
Set a compass at the center and make it's radius the size of the tile,
and draw a circle. Keeping the compass at the same setting, position the
point of it, along the circumference of the circle and make sure the
pencil tip is at the intersection of one of the diagonal lines and the
circumference. Make an arc line from that point, moving across the
circle, until it meets the circumference again. Move the point of the
compass to where that pencil line originated (on the circumference) and
draw another arc. Keep repeating the procedure until you end up where
you started. You should have a circle divided into 6 perfectly spaced
flower petal shapes. Or you could simply use the compass to make a mark
along the circumference (no arc all the way across), in order to divide
the circle evenly into 6 parts. From those 6 points, straight lines can
be drawn - to make 2 equilateral, overlapping triangles (a 6 sided
star), or to create a hexagon. There are several other variations that
can be done - experiment with it. Triangles within hexagons. Another
square made by connecting points on the diagonal lines - then more
hexagons or triangles. The circle divided into 6 parts is an integral
design element in many Islamic tiles. Dover publications has a great
book on Islamic design - I usually xerox off some copies for reference
when my students work on this. Not to copy, but to show examples of
possible variations.
Sandra Hildreth
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