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The "poop" on NAIER

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Judy Grochowski (jfgro)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 09:28:58 -0500 (CDT)

Hi All,
I'd like to comment here about the NAIER posting, and share my
experience with it. Our district participated for quite some time (altho I
only saw the catalogs, never knew exactly where this was originating or how
it was reimbursed-so thanks for that missing link). It IS surplus....and an
odd mix at that! We always jokingly called it gov't surplus, and now knowing
the origin of some of that stuff, I guess we weren't that far off.....the
items "available" are as diverse as you can imagine. The catalog is set up
in catagories, and then there's a photo or illustration of the item, along
with some info about it and quantity available. Here is the rub. If there
are 2 of an item and everyone who gets a catalog requests that item, then
likely you, as a requester, aren't gonna see it.
They had things such as hot tubs (quantity 1), to wrapping paper,
quantity 4,000 (I still have rolls!), to little flashlights, books, CDs,
videos, placemats, blouses, running shoes, office supplies, hair barrettes
with embossed names (Sally, Mary, get the drift?). No rhyme or reason. For
us, in our district of 6 schools and a staff of approx 240, one catalog
came, made it's way around CO and then our coordinators council (when we
still had one-my experience with this is about 7 years back); you put in
your order (and ordered the most outlandish stuff-yeah, I tried for the hot
tub-thought it'd be a great recrutment strategy for Art :-) or fun in the
lounge!). Sometimes you'd get stuff....maybe months later, after you'd
forgotten about the order-and sometimes it WAS stuff you could use-we're
using the 2 little red flashlights I got years ago, which I hung onto, in
our darkroom this year. Some great books came thru, but you really need to
"sift" through the catalog-and who has time to do that????? It is sizable!
And some of what's in there is ca-ca.
If your district can afford to try it for a year or two, you might
get something worthwhile out of it. To us it was always "free" stuff (and I
never knew what the dues were). But it wasn't coming out of our budget ;-)
I'd say we saw catalogs twice a year (might have been more-just don't really
recall). It's not a scam, it's just not as totally promising as it might
seem when you first read/hear about it.
Hope this helps....I'm not sure why we don't do it any more-new
district admin. is my guess-but I am asking...maybe it's still there and I'm
just out of the loop-hey, I think we're due a hot tub in the faculty lounge!
Judy Grochowski
Greenfield High
Greenfield Wisc