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Re: Newletter Title

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Jerry & Anne Carman-Hendel (hendel)
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 21:58:46

Thank you everyone for the ideas for a newletter title. I also consulted
some of my students, grades 1-5. Some of the ideas I received follow. I
think I'm going to steal from something Joseph sent that wasn't related
specifically to this topic: ArtEdventure. I'm also going to borrow Sue's
Art News to Use for a section of the newsletter. Many thanks again. Hope
some of these will be useful to you, too.
At one of the junior high, the fine arts classes combine for a
newsletter and call it Encore---it covers music, visual art, drama and band.

Anne C-H in Illinois where we are having a beautiful autumn

>Newsletter Titles:
>Artfully Yours
>Put Your Heart in Art
>ARt Smart
>Art Start
>From the Art
>Art Attack
>Be a Part of ARt
>The Palette
>Picasso Points
>Art News Central
>Sketches and STrokes
>Art Times
>Headline Art
>Art Fest
>1) BluesTruth
>Subject: Re: Art Newletter Title
>2)From: Glennis Dolce <gdolce19>
>Subject: Re: Art Newletter Title
>Take Art to Heart
>3)rom: Sue_Stewart (Sue Stewart)
>Mine is called "Art News to Use" feel free to borrow.
>4)From: lincarts (Lincoln Arts)
>Why not have a "contest" and have the students come up with the name?
>5)From: "croberts" <b2w6w4kn
> I'm interested in the same kind of information. I think last year, I
>used Art Talk...but if you get any suggestions, please share them with me
or the
> We once used Arts-A-Lot...but I never really did care for this one. My
>principal came up with it.
>Carolyn Roberts
>6)From: John & Sandra Barrick <astroboy>
> You could steal from a trade mag- "New art Examiner", Art News, The
>New (blank) school for the arts,Anne's artists what age? I do one in
>my preschool and I use a name which is common,"Wee One's Newsletter"
>It is only about art.I also have two kids a week who draw on the
>cover of the newsletter, they are the wee one's artists of the week.
>7)Wish I could help, but I am disasterous with coming up with titles, etc. I
>contribute it to being a left hemisphere function, HA! I think your idea
>sounds great, though. I'd love to see what you do with it.
>I'd ask my kids to help come up with a title. Some of them are great at
>like this. I'd probably like to have it tie to an artist, period, tool...
>recognizable art related term.
>I send a letter home to all my parents before school begins (Harry Wong
>and a couple during the year. If you think looking over those would be of any
>help at all I'd be glad to send them your way. My parents like them. I also
>mail merge my progress reports with comments about upcoming events, etc.
>Mary Jane
>8)From: Joseph Augusta <jaugusta>
>Have you art teachers and newbies seen this site? It's art
>adventures--this one's on color theory--have a look: