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Re: NPR/PBS Petition

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Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:02:46 EDT

In a message dated 10/23/98 7:10:36 AM Central Daylight Time,
mikelr writes:

<< Anyway, it is nothing short of theft and tyranny to confiscate tax money to
support individual artists. Frankly, it's a national disgrace.

I am not so sure I agree with you--maybe on the pastry chef thing, but not on
the funding for the arts. The difference between pastry and art is that
people will always be hungry and Americans will always crave junk food (Key
word being JUNK). However, take a walk through our cities and you will see
the ugliest architecture going up and the most beautiful being
scrapped--daily! Until we as teachers really make an impact and reach each
one of our little charges, instilling in them the value of beauty (however you
define it) and aesthetics and help them see the real world connection between
those and quality daily living, the arts should be funded. The arts have lost
importance in our culture. And that's not because all these artists are
creating crappy art--but because most Americans can't see the value of it.
They think of it as separate. Kind of like a highschool student saying, "Why
should I take Algebra? I am going to be an Auto mechanic when I graduate."
Well, duh. I think funding the arts is keeping it's importance alive--by a
thread at a time, but keeping it alive non the less. In the mean time we
should all be working to change our culture to one that sees a higher value in
art. Maybe the funding thing can be compared to having a baby. (-; What
better analogy for me??;-) It should stay inside the mother safe and nurtured
for about 9 months until it is ready to breath on it's own. Then it needs to
be nurtured for many many years. Finally, one day it is strong enough, sure
enough and will venture out on his/her own. Will the world be kind and
accepting? We all hope so. But had we tossed the baby out into the world
with no protection because we figured it had to learn to survive on it's own,
it would have died for sure. The arts need nurturing--especially at a time
when it is being cut from our schools, classes are 30 minutes long! (ugh), it
is not integrated into each subject and "art on a cart" still exists.

All right, enough of my sweeping generalities. You get my point.