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Re: the value of certification?

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Fri, 23 Oct 1998 09:12:05 EDT

In a message dated 10/22/98 10:11:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
mwhite writes:

<< I won't spend my budget on an Artist-in-Residence because
of this very thing. The ones I've seen tend to be very wrapped up in the
work, with
little commentary or explanation to the kids. Remember the old saw, "Those
who can, do;
those who can't, teach."? >>

This old saw does neither professional artists nor teachers any credit, and
IMHO, should be abandoned.

Because the state in which I live fails to offer a certification program for
my field, I must make my living as an Artist-in-Residence, and I am frequently
reminded by BOE's and classroom teachers that I am not "a real teacher."
Never mind that they frequently ask me for lesson plans to integrate art into
the curriculum, or that I was a collaborator in the development of an arts
education program seen by the Getty as a model for other arts education
programs. I must make my living hand-to-mouth, with no benefits save the joy
and satisfaction I receive from my work and the children I serve.

I have done all I can to be a quality is not my fault if a
certification program is not available to me. Please excuse my venting, but I
have just suffered another slap from a BOE, and it's become a personal issue
as well as a professional issue.