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Re: Halloween, Help

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The Whites (bolide)
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 06:30:13 -0500

One short project that I like with elementary: I have students draw a NIGHT
picture on purple paper with black crayon. Then they fill in with other
crayons. especially paying attention to CONTRASTing colors (that works well
with the colors that have white in them.) Then comes the grabber: They get
to use fluorescent paints to show those things that would glow in the night
naturally. Moon, stars, street lights, light from windows, animal eyes,
Jack-o-lantern cut outs, fire, flashlights, car lights, boat running
lights --- we brainstorm for these. Nothing is painted with the paint that
would not glow without it. I let them do Halloween pictures if they wish,
but the assignment is Night Pictures. Usually I get a wonderful variety.
Linda in Norman, OK
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Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: Halloween, Help

>Hi! I just finished a screaming self portrait lesson with around 120
>graders and they are way cool! I took their individual pictures screaming
>with a digital camera--silently screaming--and printed them out for them.
>They used these as a reference to draw their portraits. We discussed the
>proportions of the face and how they change when someone screams. I teach
>a language arts theme school and had them write a story about what makes
>scream and have it displayed with their portraits. Then they 'illustrated'
>their story in the background of the pictures. The student population is
>over 50% Middle Eastern and some don't celebrate Halloween, so I let the
>students use Halloween if they wanted to. Many chose rollercoasters, but
>there are plenty of haunted houses, ghosts, cemetaries, etc. Weapons,
>and violence are banned in my room (along with professional wrestling and
>spice girls, but that's another story) so they actually had to think about
>their backgrounds and stories. They are very cool and they were really
>it. Happy Halloween!
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>May say some pumpkin ideas, creating an environment that is cool but not
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