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Re: ID OSU topic - Just like other people

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 10:34:43 -0500

To all of you who have been discussing the issue of gifted children. It has
been extremely interesting to follow your talks. I feel that we must meet
gifted children like we should meet all children in any school system, that
is; be ready to fulfill all the needs they have. Sounds so easy I know. But
my concern is about labeling everyone I think there is way to much of that,
it seems that there is only the very few middle kids who have no label,
everyone else has abbreviations or labels. It cannot be good. I wander if
any of you have seen a recent television program on gifted musical kids,it
was shown here about a week ago and was I think british but they talked to
teachers in America too. It was really good and made me think of this
discussion. I myself teach in a special Art School for children but we
donīt call our students gifted. They come for different reasons, yes many
because they have so called talent in art, but mostly to get more art
education than is offered in the regular school system because they love
art. I have taught there for so many years now that some of those students
who started with me as children have gone on to further Art studying as
adults but those are not necessarily the ones with the so called talent as
children but often the ones with much will and hard working ones.
Well I started this because I wanted to agree with this statement:
<It all boils down to this: High Intellect is like beauty, physical
strength, <athletic abilitily, artistic talent, or other similar qualities.
It is only <one PART of the person I am.
>As for me, the mother, I want the school district where I live to have
>>enriching experiences for all of the children at my daughter's school. I
>know >that the more each little child learns, the more they will grow,
>live, share, >and compete with each other.
But this turned out to be a bit longer.
With warm regards from the far north, Rosa