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Re: OK, Now I am REALLY cornflaked.....

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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 06:30:29 -0700

I know there are many other talented art teachers who will also give you great information, yet I hope this may help.

Check my post about Mark Kistler. He talks about the 12 Renaissance Words for Art. There are videos that you might be able to get through your PBS station. I found he always made the connections between science, math, and creativity part of the art experience.

Mark has a website. Even if you don't use the videos with the kids, you will mostly likely get valuable information from his work.

Have a great day,


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On Thu, 22 Oct 1998 01:14:36 MzVogo wrote: >Can anyone help me out there? > >I want to make a poster for the Elements of Art and one for the Principles of >Design >Now, the poster is NOT the problem - it's which words to use...... > >The teacher at the local HS uses the following terms: > >Elements: Line, texture, form, color, value, space >Principles: Emphasis, Movement, balance, repitition, contrast, space > >My text book uses this set: > >E: Line, Texture, Form, Shape, form, Space, Texture >P: Balance, Variety, Harmony, emphasis, proportion,movement, rhythm, unity > >One more resource I found uses: > >E:color, line, value, composition(shape & form) >P:balance, texture, symmetry & asymmetry, contrast, dominance,repitition, >rhythm, theme & variation, unity > >I give there a STANDARD list somewhere???? If not, which should I >use....the list the HS teacher uses so we are "standardized" or the textbook >list for the middle school or something in between??? I certainly can see >that some of the terms mean the same things (a rose by any other name.....) >but I want the kids to get the right "language"..... > >Incidently.....our kids do NOT go to the HS I am referring to under normal >circumstances - they stay in our K-12 school where we offer NO art for HS (I >know.....but I am the only person who comes close to an art teacher at this >time). So it isn't like all these kids would go off and look stupid or >anything......I still want them to get the "right stuff." > > in oregon >

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