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circuit boards

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Ellyn Wenk (ellyn)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:20:06 -0500

> What are some of the ways that you have
> incorporated other subjects in the art curriculum?

ART and SCIENCECircuit boards that use electricity that light up when
the students match the elements of art with small drawings they create.

Students brought their own battery. I supplied the wires and christmas
lights and foil.

Paper punch 12 holes, six across from each other on construction
paper. Create circuits between any two holes across from each other.
Make these out of foil stands that they cover with masking take to
insulate them.

Turn the paper over so the foil circuits are on the back and connect
between any two holes across from each other.
On the front put 1. color, 2. line, 3. shape, 4. space, 5. form and 6.
texture on one side next to the holes. On the other side by the other
six holes label A B C D E F
Create six samples of the above elements and place them anywhere on the
circuit board.
Connect a 9 volt battery to a christmas light with insulated wire left
on it about 3 inches on each side. Strip the wire coating so that the
copper is exposed about 1/4 inch on each side. Place one end of the
exposed copper wire on either the + or - side of the 9 volt battery with
electrical tape or masking tape. The other end of the Christmas light
with wire needs to have another insulated and stripped wire twisted
around it to give it length so it can reach down the circuit board.
>From the other side of the battery connect just a stripped wire to it
and not to the christmas light with tape. When you touch the foil that
is exposed in the paper punched hole and the one that matches it across
from it the light will light up. The foil strips that connect the two
holes will act like a circuit. Label the samples with the correct
letter of the alphabet for which hole it lights up in. If Color lights
up in C then label the color sample C glue the samples in a random order
on the game board.
The students loved this lesson and are now telling me the elements of
art as if they really know what they are for the first time. It took 3
art periods. One to make the holes and the circuits. One to do the
wiring and one to do the art and play with the boards.