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Judy Grochowski (jfgro)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 20:58:14 -0500 (CDT)

Hi, One MORE post on this topic.....
I have been relieved to see some of the more positive posts on giftedness,
which have come around lately. I guess I presumed we were all a bit more
supportive of this strand of education. If we as art instructors who perhaps
already march to a different beat, can't appreciate the diversity of and
needs of all our students....well....gee, then the very people who may
discover a cure for AIDS, solve water shortage problems, etc., etc., etc.,
loose one more person in their educational setting who might be a support,
mentor, guide, making a difference in their personal future.
Gifted kids can be quirky, and challenging and sometimes, perhaps socially
awkward (arrogant) but, they ARE kids and need our guidance as the adults in
their lives. And they do exsist, money or not, (altho I know of a local
questionable "gifted" program which charges a stiff tuition for weekend
I really appreciated the following written by Valerie Bock-esp the part
about the gaze-can't we ALL relate? :-) Thanks for indulging one more opinion!
Judy Grochowski
Greenfield High
Greenfield Wisc

"Because they are not learning during the hours in which stuff
they already understand is being presented, they frequently
become troublemakers, or shut down entirely, or lose themselves
in their own dream worlds, or sneak that book under their desks.
Teachers frequently demand the attention of the entire class,
which can turn school into endless hours of practicing that
"pretending to pay attention" gaze which we all still use in dull

Most parents think that this skill is useful, but not one which
is so valuable as to comprise the majority of a child's school

So gifted education is about giving *all* kids the chance to
*learn* at school. Nothing more, nothing less."