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RE: identity project sans self portraiture

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Sears, Ellen (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:46:02 -0400

I tried to send this in September and it didn't go through...

My 8th graders will be doing large self portraits starting next week. As an
intro, last week I gave them each a slide protector sheet with the folowing
instructions: "Self-Portraits" Materials: One slide protector sheet Assorted small items (rock, sand, fabric, dried flower, ticket stubs, photos,
magazine cutouts, thread, beads, shells, leaves, shoelaces, ribbon..... the
list is endless) Optional: Sewing machine and thread. To Do: Assemble a collection of small items. Carefully arrange, then place the items in the pockets of the page. To create
a successful self portrait, you may: want to use a certain color family, have several textures to create interest, utilize the principles (of art) of
unity and contrast, incorporate movement (visual), consider pattern, create a focal point. You are only required to do one. If you are interested, you may do more. If needed, you can sew the pockets shut using a long stitch on the sewing
machine. When you turn this in, include a written evaluation of your finished
project. Questions to answer may include, but are not limited to: decision
making process on items to include, decisions made on arrangement of items, any adaptations you could/would make on the project, what you wished you
could have done with the materials you were working with, construction
problems, how you solved them, two parts that were very successful, one you
would like to change.... Have fun - these are due on September 1.
------------------------------------- They turned them in yesterday - and I appreciated the thought that went in
to them: chronological 'listing', color lableing for sorting (hobbies, classes, travels etc... she also had tie
overs from one pocket to the next. Example: her pocket for spanish (class),
which was the last of that group inroduced the first pocket for travel which
was Mexico, arrangement of color/items so that the layout created a first
name initial, Cutting larger photos into smaller ones that would fit into
adjacent squares, Adding to the outside of the sheet, not just putting
things into the pockets, the assortment of items they included and the
reasons why, construction problems and how they solved them. It was all done at home and it was great having the kids share themselves -
even though I have had them since 1st grade, we all change. We spent a class
period going over them. I have always wanted to make a large wall hanging out of plastic (with
pockets) to create a changing quilt outside my door. Something that we could
change occasionally during the year - round items, blue items, nature,
texture studies etc... this was like it but on a small scale - Just wanted to share - Ellen