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Re: is this what the groups attitude is?

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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 20:50:27 -0700

Hi Museee:
I really felt the anguish of your email, so I hope I can help.

If you were at an acquaintance's home that had a reputation for having great apples, and you were given permission to pick apples from their apple tree, you would probably go pick an apple. Right?

What if the first apple you picked was rotten? Would you think all the other apples on that tree were rotten? Would you run around and tell everyone how rotten the apples on this acquaintance's tree where?

I have discovered while communicating on the internet, that a person may receive information you don't want or need. Don't worry about negative responses. Often, emotions appear magnified, even when that may not be the intended response.

For instance, I didn't read your first email, yet it appears to me that your writing in this current email sounds very distraught and stringent...especially for an apology.

Like Yogi Berra always said, "the best way to observe is by watching!"

The idea that you want to improve your teaching is laudable. Recently, the Artsednet group discussed various forms and accoutrements of art clubs. This group's conversations can be found at the website in the archives. There were many cool ideas on this very topic. I hope this information will help!

Do no harm,


"If the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, then only the lefthanded people are in their right mind." -Unknown author

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998 22:52:04 Museee wrote: >Hi, > >I sent a message out about an art club I created for students where I work >today. I am a new member to this group and I got a response saying the >following: (name excluded from the text out of respect for privacy) > ><no offense , i'm glad your an artist but I'm tired of being solicited >for help from NON-certified art instructors..... I COULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT >OF SCHOOL A LOT QUICKER had I not taken those 30 hours of pesky art >methods classes. There are plenty of good books out there-buy some and >then read them. > >I apologize for asking for help. I can understand people not wanting to help, >but geez I think a simple sorry this is not the proper email list for this >would have sufficed. I am disgusted by this emails attitude, not by the >unwillingness to comment on my question, that is no problem at all. > >I may not be a certified art instructor, excuse me, but I am doing a damn good >job at it, and I don't appreciate the insult. A simple no would have >sufficed. I won't bother the group again with my questions. >Susan >

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