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national geographic nudity

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Sun, 18 Oct 1998 13:53:13 EDT

On the subject of nudity, I was wondering, does anyone else use National
Geographic magazines for visual resources, (animals, art from other cultures,
landscape pictures etc.) If you do, do you censor them or only use them with
certain age groups. I refuse to censor those magazines, it would take too much
time, and I dont see anything harmful about them. However, sometimes a child
will come across sophisticated material while looking for an animal to draw. I
usually say, "oh that is very sad and unfortunate, but lets get on with what
we are supposed to be doing today." I will talk more with the child about it
if they seem disturbed. Usually though, it is no different than things they
have encountered on television.

When the students come across nudity in National Geographics, and make a big
fuss over it, I tell them that you are going to come across nudity in art, so
they need to grow up about it. If they cant be mature about it, then I tell
them maybe they shouldn't look at those magazines anymore. And of course I
tell them if they are disturbed by it, than turn the page, and get back to
looking what they are looking for.

I would like to hear other thoughts on this. Do others have the same issues
with using national geographics?...............................Dawn in Tucson

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