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Re: nudity in the classroom (and it's not the teacher!)

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 08:54:31 -0700

>My favorite "nude" story is when I had an advance student (this is
>highschool) taking Life Drawing classes in NYC.... >One of her drawings
>made the local teen arts festival
>As for "creative enhancing " of body parts...
>San D

Enjoyed your story. I have two of my own.

One year in particular, I had a rash of enhanced body part artwork done by
several of our more bold male students (and why does it always seem to be
male?...but I digress). After pondering this situation that had arisen
(pardon the pun), I started tucking them away in my desk drawer with the
explanation..."Thank you. I'm so taken with your creativity, I'm going to
save them for your mom at the next Open House/parent conference so they can
enjoy them too". This made the round quicker than a blink and the problem
was solved. It also added an extra bonus of having their parent spend a
little extra time with their son discussing the meaning of sexual
appropriateness in society. High time, don't you think?

I had one child who continued this avenue of choice and I discussed it with
the counselor. Seems he was a victim of sexual abuse from his father AND
grandfather. Makes you wanna go out and buy a gun, huh? made me
angry the counselor didn't tell me earlier about his life history. Why do
we always seem to be the last to know when we actually "live" with these
students everyday?. But then that's a thread to pursue another day.
Anyway...he was taken out of our school shortly after that.

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