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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 09:39:23 -0700

Hi all,

Recently, I have read quite a bit about these very issues, for some research I am working on. Please accept my small contribution to this strand, a partial metanalysis of information available about new theories of proteinaceous based diseases, illnesses or syndromes.

In simple terms, there are many diseases or syndromes such as Crutzfeld-Jakobs Syndrome, Mad Cow disease, etc. that scientists believe are being transmitted by RNA, not DNA. This means that a bit of protein (meat, skin, etc.) can carry the RNA to other living mammals by contact with their a cut.

These bits of RNA, as far as is known today, cannot be killed by normal methods with autoclaving or chemical based treatments.

The main idea here is ... throw any item that may have grabbed even a miniscule amount of skin (cutting, scraping, etc) away...if it is being used in the classroom.

I know this is discouraging, yet it is critical to know that the potential is out there. It is believed that these brain based diseases came to cattle (only in England) and man through the poultry and sheep vectors that were infected with their own species' version of these diseases.

There is a lot more to this story. If you have questions, email me.



"If the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, then only the lefthanded people are in their right mind." -Unknown author

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 17:16:01 John & Sandra Barrick wrote: >************************************************************************ >Is a #11 blade really worth contracting a chronic disease or even >incurable deadly disease. Remember kids see what you are doing, for >me it would be more settling to throw the blade out and not have >questions about whether it's clean enough. I know it is if it's in >the trash. I think of a child who might think," Mr/mrs so and so >cleaned this, so I can clean(*) too". Not implying that anyone is >not cleaning properly but I've known people who have died of Aids >and I'd rather not chance it. >S > >Ginny Rockwood wrote: >> >> Melissa, >> >> Good question. Just checked with my school nurse. Yes, tools that students >> have cut themselves with need to be washed . She suggests Clorox. Either >> straight and then washed off, or with a 1-10 solution with water (this >> mixture is only good for 24 hours.) The hepatitis viris can live for 15 days. >> Yikes. >> >> Ginny Rockwood >> Brattleboro Area Middle School >> Brattleboro, VT > >-- >john barrick >Sandra Barrick >astroboy > >************************************************************************ >

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