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Re: Handling mid. sch. students...or tamin' the monkeys...they're not all in

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:22:20 -0700

HI, Debbie.......

>Bunki wrote: "If anyone tells you kids love discipline, they're bonkers.
>However, kids>respect order...both how you keep your room in order and how
>you manage>your class.

>I am one of those people that say kids want discipline. I truly believe
>that, I also believe they want to be a part of the discipline procedure.
>Talk with them about the rules and why you have them, let them offer ideas
>on the rules.

Ahhhhh. I still have to disagree. Kids don't love discipline. They do
admire and respect order (and discipline) however. They don't have to love
it to do it. I've tried the discipline technique where they made up the
rules but all these cherubs liked was the socializing and wasting time it
entailed. I dropped that hot potato many years ago. I would never suggest
that this would not work with someone else's classroom or another age
level. Just didn't do the trick for me. I just haven't had to do all that
to get my point across.

If I've learned one thing over the years, it's you get what you expect from
kids. If you expect good behavior (without going through all the hoops of
writing expectations, listing rules, ad nasueum), that's what you'll get
GENERALLY. My little indians are not stupid. They know the difference
between right and wrong. They just make the choices. Some choices are not
straight and true. Some are not as bad as others. That's where flexibility
of consequences comes in. I don't need to stand in front of the class and
say, "You will not spit, you will not....whatever." Same thing goes for
art projects. If you EXPECT good product, you'll GET good product. They
come through every time.

>Remember you are the one in charge and remind the students
>of that or you will have a horrible year. You have to have a strong
>personality to survive. I have taught jr. high for 15 years and I don't
>want to move to high school or elementary. These kids have an excitement
>you won't find anywhere else.

I agree...but you need to direct this to Melissa. I was not the one having
the problem.

One more day to go. Toodles..............

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