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Re: scarecrows

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Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:11:45 EDT

Hi Gang and Holly,
I was asked for my scarecrow lessons but before I do I wanted to add to the
art teacher who suggested making the head of a scarecrow out of a stuffed
paper bag and using a triangle to tie around the neck. I added tongue
depressors -2- glued and shaped in a "t" shape and then reinforced it with x
shape masking tape. We put that tongue depressors through the twisted bottom
of the paper bag scarecrow head and tied it with brown thick string. This
gave the kids a place to glue the triangle shaped cloth. Some of the kids made
shirt fronts and even pants legs. We added fake straw or strips of brown paper
cut very thin and crumpled like hair. The kids like felt, checked cloths,
button eyes.etc. I told them they could use almost anything in the room. We
even had some top hats with birds on them and this was 1-3 rd grades.

Two years ago, I start this same age group out this sticks in a "t" shape. We
put stuffed heads of burlap on top and then the kids fashion cloths on the
"t". They were very natural looking and some what primitive but the kids loved
them. After that I brought photos of farms and talked about what was on a
farm, what foods are grown, how the fields might look at this time of year,
what shape barns were. Then we quickly drew with as few lines as possible a
farm scene with a scarecrow in it. We used water colors and finished up with
lines that were very fine . These lines were to accent , not to trace around
the whole shape. It was amazing to see what they could do. Gail