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Re: Rowdy middle scool students in a recent transfer - + Discipline

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Thu, 15 Oct 1998 21:39:19 EDT

Dear Melissa et al...
I want to share with you my treasure for dealing with rowdy/loud and /or over
zealous middle schoolers.
I got this from an occupational therapist who had just come from a seminar on
calming down or reving up "big engine" muscle groups in overactive or sluggish
Anyway, The kids come into my room sit down and follow my routine of
isometric chair exercises, along with chewing bazooka bubble gum ( real
tough,hard stuff) while they are chewing (by the way, I place a piece at each
chair) I start counting to ten. We sit down, grab the seat of our chair,
place feet flat on the floor and pull up, really hard. I count to ten,
release. I do this at least 5 times, more if they are still talking, I just
count louder, they get the idea soon enough. Next, place hands under thighs
and push -up, hold for a count of five, realease. I do this at least 5 times.
They must continue chewing while they do this. then shake out hands for a few
seconds. Depending on the "mood" I do one more exercise, grab your elbows
and pull to a count of five, release and so on. Then, I go around with the
trash can while I take attendence and they are working on their "openers" (I
use sketchbook pages) and they spit the gun out!
It sounds like alot, I know but it takes about 5 minutes and it has made a
remarkable difference in the group. Considering, that I was yanking my hair
out prior to this, we're doing great! and my Pecks are stronger than ever!!
Gabrielle Bradley
HS/MS art teacher
Caravel Academy
Bear, Delaware