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Re: Trashing the artroom & the Solution

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Thu, 15 Oct 1998 20:42:49 EDT

In a message dated 98-10-13 22:45:16 EDT, you write:

<< Anyway, I feel I am back at square one.
I know they won't be getting supplies. I refuse to do that. What will l do
? I thought of handing out dittoes (creative, huh?!) --little bit of art,
but not what they're used to.
I'll let you know....
Jill >>
Jill, I told my class that we can't use the punches.(that is no loss to any of
the projects they will be doing) The punches were just an added attraction.
The kids had fun with them. Now that I know kids like to lift these, I'll do
the paper punching, and only if it is an absolute necessity (such as a hole in
the ornament for the town tree). I told this class that I was fearful of
letting them use the paper edgers, but if they returned all of the tape rolls
today, then I'll bring out the paper edgers next time. The punches are
history, however.

Do your kids have any school supplies in their desk, such as markers, crayons,
colored pencils, scissors? I started the year out using what they had in their
desk, to cut down on distribution. That way I could concentrate on rules and
procedures and staying in their seat. Let me know.

1.Can you draw on the overhead, and the kids draw with you, line value and
depth? 2.Can you make a grid drawing for them to enlarge along with you, as
you draw square by square on the overhead? 3.Can you distribute pages from How
to Draw books, draw the ovals on the overhead and have them draw it with you?
(no tracing) I use the leftover plastic from laminating for my transparencies.
Last year, after printmaking, I put my 7th grade on pencils and paper, until
they earned back the use of the sink. They loved it. I had multicultural kids,
they were pleased they could draw.

Last year, at my last job, I got a 7th grader to admit he took a safety
compass, by privately talking to him, telling him I figured he took it because
he took it the last time. I had him write down that he gave his word he
wouldn't take anymore art supplies away from his class, and I wouldn't take
this any further.

However, admitting trashing is different. I wouldn't back down either because
you said it, and your credibility is at stake. Can you give them ideas on how
to get their classmate to own up to it? I'd let them know what you are going
to do to the kid, if it will end with the apology to the class, or
whatever.... I'd just do pencil and paper all year. Sue