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Re: Rowdy middle scool students in a recent transfer - + Discipline

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Rose Lee Gifford (rose)
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:06:27 -0700 (PDT)


On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Melissa Enderle wrote:

> I have a challenge and need some help. I just started teaching at a K-8
> school which has a high population of students with disabilities. That
> part doesnıt bother me though. Itıs the middle school students. They are
> loud and rowdy, etc. They have had a sub in there through this week, when
> I came on Monday. I will not tolerate the way they were treating the sub,
> especially since I know it is affecting the quality of their artwork.
> I have done a good job of discipline at my previous school, in which I
> mostly had the little kids.
> Now what I am looking for is some words of encouragement and suggestions
> on how to handle the older kids. I want them to know that I mean
> business, but yet I donıt want to turn kids off to art. (The students
> werenıt very excited about the subıs lessons. In addition, they had a sub
> most of last year.)
> Any feedback would be most welcome
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Have the students take charge of their own discipline by having them make
the rules. Start by giving all of the students sticky notes and having
them come up with three rules they think are important to keep the art
classroom running smoothly. Then have them get together in groups and
come up with four rules they agree are the most important rules for the
class. Also, have them discuss and decide on an answer to the question,
"Why do we need rules?". Have each group use a speaker and a recorder and
have the speaker tell you what rules their group has come up with.
Arrange the rules on the board and try to generalize some rules
like-Respect one another could include not roughhousing or talking when
someone else is talking. The kids will be very hard on themselves making
strict rules. Try to keep the rules positive using Be or Do instead of
Don't or No. After a student writes the consolidated rules list on a
large piece of butcher paper, have each student sign their agreement to
follow the rules of the class. When a student breaks the rules, remind
them of their contract agreement to follow the rules or be sent out of the
class. This makes them the police, not you. Good luck!