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Re: Missing supplies, ideas to get them back

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Tue, 13 Oct 1998 22:07:17 EDT

In a message dated 98-10-13 01:56:27 EDT, you write:

<< Lets all get out of our seats and look all over the room. I bet
they got lost under a table or in the used newspaper.

The movement all over the room gives the guilty child a way to slip
items out of a pocket without being noticed. >>

To Ellyn
I do art on a cart. Next time, I'll let them get up and look. I would do what
you suggested in my previous school.

In this case, the count was delivered to me when the classroom teacher had
already returned. I asked if anyone accidentally misplaced or put a paper
punch in their desk? I did not stay, the returning teacher is compulsive about
staying on her schedule to the minute.

I have 0 minutes between classes, the next class can be a hike, to an outside
mobil or a change of floor at the opposite end of the school. The following
teacher is waiting for me to arrive. I get reported to the principal, if I
take more than 2-3 minutes to change classes. The principal told me to take 10
min to clean up and be waiting at the door for the teacher's return. Art is
the planning period of the day for the classroom teacher.

The kids are not allowed out of their seat, so they couldn't misplace it. I
have so much to do in the class period, I found it's too time consuming to
have kids getting and returning supplies, distributing and collecting things.
The kids won't stop working and clean up when a kid is collecting. I announce,
pass down the ....... You have 1 min to pass all of this......Go. Next, pass

I am OK if I have 1 of each supply, then they can hold it up, and everyone has
to have 1 for me to collect. I had 16 punches and 24 paper edgers, so I placed
them randomly on 31 desks, and they had to share.

Today, I asked them if I will get back 17 rolls of masking tape, if I let them
use them. I did. Next time, I'll ask that of the paper edgers and offer to let
them use them. But no more punches for this class.