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Re: Trashing the artroom & the Solution

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:36:49 -0500

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I had this same problem, however the person that borrowed the most was the
counselor and personnel director. I took advantage of it, went to my principal
and asked him "Should I start saying no to your counselor and secretary when
they want to borrow supplies or should we increase my budget for the added
supplies?" He suddenly decided that it was okay for the counselor and others to
borrow and doubled my budget. Of course I didn't make this publically known and
just helped myself to a larger supply order. It helped me out in the long run
just because he was to lazy to create individual budgets for these people.

MzVogo wrote:

> I think I could deal with the kids taking my's the TEACHERS in
> my building that drive me crackers!!!
> The assumption is since I am the Art Teacher, I must have all the supplies:
> glue, colored pencils, glitter, etc. They either come themselves or (more
> usally) send kids to my room to get materials for projects. I have kids
> coming to my room all day to get something. Just becasue they don't want to
> spend their budget $$$ on supplies, they expect me to spend mine!!!!
> I am going to post a sign on my door that reads "Supply closet is next door"
> Any ideas for a graphic to illustrate my point???
> kim in oregon

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