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Sears, Ellen (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 11:41:45 -0400

We make mobiles grades K-8 (and adults at workshops)... I use lots of found
objects with wire. Depending on the grade/age my presentation shifts.

With small children I use found objects, pipe cleaners and bamboo skewers.
They have partners. They make a hanging element using the pipe cleaner and
object of choice. Then they get with their partner and wrap the other end
of the pipe cleaner around the bamboo skewer. Then they take turns finding
the point of balance.... mark it with a marker. Then they take their unit
and combine with another group... who takes it to another's etc... at the
end of class they have practiced wrapping and balancing - and we have a huge
class mobile.
Two helpful hints:
Build from the bottom up,
and use fish swivels with older kids/adults so that the mobiles move

I also did stabiles with the youngers -
Scrap paper on mat boards. How to make the paper stand up, adding
paper to paper, sculpture in the round etc... Maybe a thin piece of wire
with an element attached....

And we looked at some of his tapestry designs/paintings - came up
with the common characteristics of 'rounded triangles', black lines
(sometimes repeating) and primary colors - they used markers and
construction paper to create a design (then we compared to Mondrian -
primary colors, black lines, rectangles/squares...)

We also looked at Galimoto's(sp?) (moveable wire toys/sculptures
form Africa - there is a children's book by that name - featured on a
Reading Rainbow - as someone already said - they are a great source for art
activities...) - galimotos are movable toys and my husband (teaches K-1
here) and I use them for examples when we make movable sculptures with cam

Again - all of this is adaptable for any age/grade -
Hope this helps...
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> Subject: Calder
> Would anybody be willing to share any lessons they have done using
> Alexander
> Calder as a starting point? I love his work, but haven't come up with a
> good
> lesson, especially a mobile lesson. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Holly