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Re: Trashing the artroom & the Solution

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Ben Schasfoort (Ben.Schasfoort)
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 11:33:41 +0100

At 17:52 12-10-1998 EDT, you wrote:
........... so until the person who vandalized comes
>forward, and shows remorse(and I will not have anyone coming up to me saying,
>he or she did it), we will be studying vocabulary words (Art vocabulary is on
>board plus other words such as respect, honesty, honor, courtesy, etc.) that
>you will be looking up in the dictionary and writing the definitions. I do
>not have enough supplies to spare (especially after this offense of last
>week). I must give them to the students who are serious about art and do not
>vandalize. Please bring dictionaries and pencils to class. I will not be
>able to give you any supplies, even pencils or paper until the person comes
>forward. "
>How does that sound? Love to hear from you. Once again, thanks for your
>great support!

Could work well.
What will you do if nobody comes forward?
If never ever anybody will come?
Do you think someone will come up in the end and point: she did it?
No, they will not.
Would you never in the futere give them any supplies? (you said so!)
No, you will not.
After a few weeks you find yourself in a position that you have to come
back and give them supplies again.
That is a lost war.
My suggestion (and I have a long experience with not so clever things I
said) is to be very carefull with what you say.
Never threaten with something that have consequences like the above.
If you say: I will...., the consequence should always be that you can do
and shall do (and should do) what you said.

what are you going todo with the person that comes forward?
I would not come if it was me who made the trash. You could kill me or
blame me in front of all my classmates.
That might be a reason nobody shows up.

What I would do?
I would try to find a way that we could laugh together about what happened.
I would let them know that I have a problem with what I said.
I would find a way to bring a good atmosphere back.
I would always keep in mind my teacher told me: You can't beat them, so
join them.
The basterds
But there lives are maybe more miserable than mine
Or they are spoiled.
Even worse.
Keep smiling

Ben Schasfoort