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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 08:26:57 -0400

My two cents,
In mask workshops, which I have given you can go into specific
detail. You all have the advantage. Many times going into a school I
have only been given one day a month to teach art/a culture/or a
specific Artist. You are right when you say no funding/supplies. It
is so incredibly unequal here in the states to what children are
exposed to, and the supplies they are given. In the once a month
program I've gone into schools with no art program what so ever,
except for the ditto
sheets their teacher's supply and I don't consider that art Any way
my original train of thought, in museums I've been able to give
workshops, there I've split mask making into different areas. This
may not include specific nations/cultures but does include pictures
of all different masks. I also split mediums up. One- by giving them
specific techniques in making masks,i.e.,Paper mache, plaster gauze,
paper, clay, etc.
Then I usually have a free mask medium day. I set out supplies of
various media on a table and let them go. Sometimes they draw their
concoction and other times it's from their head. I am a very free
drawer. I just paint on canvas,draw on paper, or assemble by hand. I
am there to help them with problems, and it's important for me to
have them think and solve problems with there own minds. i generally
give the free mask making at the end, because by then the kids are
less intimidates by the materials and will have some idea of
different techniques and what will work.
In schools where you are given the opportunity to stay on lessons
for several weeks or make your own curriculum up, that would be an
incredible advantage to use. How could anyone spend a day on making
masks(for the year)? I've never made Kachina dolls, or totem
poles(sorry for the name),but my son's come home with the poles
before, a ditto pasted to a toilet paper tube and not even colored.
AAAAAAH! He hasn't always had an art teacher, but we do lessons at
home. I see nothing wrong with cultural lessons being taught and if
given the opportunity I would have loved to have had more than 9o
minutes to teach the culture in. I think it's still important to
give the opportunity to kids who would never come in contact with
any other culture than themselves, by doing specific culture lessons
with them. My most popular masks that kids love are the seed bean
masks(where they divide the base up into different geometric shapes
and balance both sides and Aztec Warrior masks( where the face is
seen on the inside of the animal's mouth).

My two cents,
Oh by the way is everyone talking about masks because of Halloween?

I'm working with four year olds and have stayed away from holiday
Last week was The introduction of Horizontal and vertical lines and
this week was the introduction of the curve/and monoprinting),two
curves make an s. Also the exposure to curves with a flexible curve
and french curves.