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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 22:56:16

once again i come seeking!

i am getting ready to write my dissertation. i would really, really like
to invest all the time and work and brain cells and pulled out hair into
something that is actually relevant and useful to us art teachers. am i
dreaming, or what?

here is my idea: since i have been teaching for 10 years, i am starting to
now feel like i sort of have a handle on things. i would now like to see
if anyone else agrees! - and what i can do to be even better. in other
words, i want to conduct an evaluation of my program. i would ask the
people it affects - my students, parents, other teachers and admins in my
school, and maybe even some community members i am in close contact with -
to fill out questionnaires and complete interviews. i would ask them what
they think the point of art in school is, what a good art program is like,
what it should accomplish. i would ask them to describe their perception
of our art program - what are its strengths, how could it be better?. i am
not asking them to evaluate me, personally - the program or curriculum
only. in doing this i would be developing and implementing an evaluative
instrument. i could test it and refine it and then offer it (dirt cheap!)
to anyone who wanted to use it at their school. besides using it to get a
view of how we're doing, i'm thinking applications could range from art
advocacy ("this is what art does for us, this is why we need to hire x more
specialists...") to use in accreditation processes, inservice points, maybe
even for the self evaluation part of national board certification.

what i am dying to know is, would anybody out there be interested in using
something like this if it was available? would i be creating something
there is a demand or need for or interest in? would you like to evaluate
your program if you could get a ready made instrument with surveys and
interview questions and directions for how to do everything relatively
simply, quickly, and easily? in other words, if this idea really reeks and
my thing is just going to sit on the shelf collecting dust, i need to know
so i can...self destruct, i mean, re-think!

thanks again,

Wendy Sauls
Art Teacher, Kanapaha Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Doctoral Student, Art Education, Florida State University
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