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Re: "Trashing" the art room

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Vicki Bean (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 15:41:36 -0600

Hello BluesTruth,
My 7/8 grade started out that way. I was miserable. Wild animals
couldn't have been any tougher.

I'm a new teacher and didn't believe in seating charts, punishment
sentences or paragraphs, etc. I thought that if I got their
attention, I'd have 'em. WELL, either I was dumb or didn't get their
attention, or both. But, I'm learning and it's getting better.

First, I figured out my problem kids and "promise" kids (you know,
the ones that are getting into trouble because they are bored or
smarter than most). Then I scheduled my first observation by the
prinicipal in that class and frightened the pants off the kids with
his upcoming visit. Afterwards, I developed a seating chart and put
the ART program someone suggested on this list to work.

I put together an A, R and T on a board in the room. The class and
individuals are subject to the penalties of loosing any letter. The
first offense looses the A... individually and as a class, it's a
warning. If they loose the R, individuals write and the class looses
their music. If they loose the T, individuals go to in school study
hall in the library or the office (depending on the severity) and the
class goes to silent art with a report to write.

In four weeks, the class has never lost the T, and only a few
individuals have. It's helped tremendously. Maybe it's embarrassing
to see your name on the board, and the class really gets mad when
they loose their priviledges because of one person.

I don't think this is for everyone and I don't know how long my luck
will hold out, but whomever thought this up sure helped me out.

Hope this helps and good luck!

BTW--why "BluesTruth?' Are you a fan of the music or is there some
other reason?

Vicki Bean
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