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what is art

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Rosel Valenzuela (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 13:05:37 +0800 (PHT)

Early at the opening of our school year we posed the question
"What is ARt For" to our grade school students. (gr. 1-7)
To many art means painting and doing. The art teachers wanted to show the
children that art need not be just painting, or drawing or using diff.
media. From their responses, the art teachers will be provided with an
informed basis to extend the children's understanding and concept of
art, the reasons why it is taught and its relevance to life. The
children will also learn from each others responses.
Here are some sample answers:
Grade 1-
Art is for making someone happy.
.......for showing a place where I had fun.
.......showing people what I like.
.......for telling a story.
Grade 2-3
Art is for remembering what I love doing.
.......showing people my talent.
.......showing my discovery.
Grade 4-7
Art is for showing the beauty of nature .
.......for learning and enhancing and practicing creativity.
......for expressing yourself aside from using words.
......another form of communication.
......showing our inside by expressing it.
......opening yourself to others to express your feelings.
.....a way of telling about our world and its history.
.... telling about our culture, about saints., about what we are thinking
at a certain time.
.......showing skills not only in drawing but other things related to it.
...making life more colorful and less boring.
....appreciating all things around us.
.....recreation. a 'stress relief'.
.....something you can do to make money.
.....entertaining, for fun , for pleasure, for relaxation.
two said:
Without Art.things would be bland and austere.
Without art, our world is going to split into a million.