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Arts-in-Education Opportunities in New York

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Sarah Lohrius (lohrius)
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 14:51:05 -0400

Dear Colleague,

Below you will find descriptions of the programs and services offered by
the education program of the New York Foundation for the Arts to promote
learning in and through the arts. We are very excited about the coming
year and we hope that you will join us in embracing arts-in-education
programming. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


155 Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl.
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 366-6900
Fax: (212) 366-1778
Web Site:

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) enables contemporary artists
to create and share their works and provides the broader public with
opportunities to experience and understand the arts. The Foundation
accomplishes this by providing responsive leadership and advocacy,
offering financial and informational support and building collaborative
relationships with others who are committed to the arts in New York
State and through the United States.

If you would like more information on our services beside the education
program, please review our web site at the above address.


Amy Hufnagel, Senior Program Officer, extension 280
Alyson Holoubek, Program Officer: AIR & TAP, extension 222
Bill Kaizer, FYI co-editor, extension 248
Sonya Kimble Ellis, FYI co-editor, extension 248
Peter Conti, Program Assistant: AIR & TAP, extension 220
Sarah Lohrius, Program Assistant: Design Ed, extension 281
Alison Cox, Consultant, Choral Music Program, extension 321


The mission of the Education Program is to ensure New York State’s
continued cultural vitality by providing the general public, artists and
organizations with access to a wide range of information and varied
opportunities for active learning in and through the arts. This
division incorporates the ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE (AIR) program, including
newsletter FYI and the bi-annual arts-in-education insert CHALKBOARD,
and educational programs which are part of the Internet services
provided by ARTS WIRE.


ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE, including the Technical Assistance Program,
provides matching grants and support services to New York State schools,
school districts, BOCES, colleges/universities and non-profit cultural
organizations interested in developing and implementing projects with
artists in schools and communities. Created as a pilot program of the
National Endowment for the Arts in 1971, Artists in Residence has
enabled hundreds of artists to participate in teaching residencies.
These residencies have served thousands of young people. The AIR
program’s publications and consultant services have helped hundreds of
non-profit organizations to create and refine their arts education

Application deadlines are as follows:
*Residency Planning grants: November 5
*Residency Implementation grants: April 2
*Developmental Opportunity grants: February 15, June 15 and October 15
*Technical Assistance Program: TAP applications are accepted on an
ongoing basis.

The Artists in Residence program provides grants in three categories.
*Planning grants are designed to encourage dialogue between schools and
artists by supporting pre-residency activities.
*The Residency Implementation category is for the execution of an artist
residency that is a minimum of twelve days.
*Development grants support groundbreaking activities sponsored by
schools and non-profits.

All of the categories are designed to assist schools, artists and
community organizations in their efforts to provide young people with
high-quality, sustained, hands-on arts experiences.

*** The Residency – All residencies must serve students in grades pre-K
through 12, but may also involve intergenerational projects and
workshops for teachers. Residency activities which provide “hands on”
experiences for students and other participants may include:
participatory workshops; teacher, parent or community workshops;
experiences at cultural institutions; field trips; and culminating
events. Schools and artists can plan activities that highlight the
artist such as: exhibitions, performance, and lectures/demonstrations.

***The Artist – Schools applying for NYFA grants are encouraged to
select an artist early in the process and involve the artist in the
planning and design of the residency. Interested artists are invited to
request the Sponsor Guidelines and are encouraged to seek and build upon
relationships they may have with schools and other sponsoring
organizations to develop programs. All artists involved in residency
activities must be New York State residents.

***Grants – Implementation grants range from $1,000 to $10,000, Planning
and Development grants range from $500 to $2,000. All must be matched
by the school/organization. NYFA suggests a minimum artist fee of $250
per day.

The TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP) provides assistance to
educational, cultural and other non-profit organizations that are
developing or strengthening their arts education programming. Schools,
districts and other non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for
TAP awards which subsidize consultant fees and/or help offset travel
expenses to a model AIE site, program or conference. Organizations
request assistance in the following areas: problem definition; program
planning and design; curriculum development; marketing and public
relations; fundraising, budgeting and finance; staff/artist/teacher
training; assessment and evaluation.

Contact (212) 366-6900 extension 300 to receive funding guidelines and


FYI, NYFA’s quarterly news publication, and the bi-annual
arts-in-education insert Chalkboard provide over 20,000 artists, arts
organizations and arts educators with practical information on funding
opportunities and professional resources. It also includes thoughtful
articles on the theory and practice of making and responding to art and
the issues relating to arts education.

You can place a classified ad in FYI in several areas: Artist Services,
Photography of Art, Artist Opportunities, Workshops and classes,
Retreats & Inns, Calls for entries, Artists’ supplies, Space Available,
and Space Needed. Classified ads cost $30 for up to 200 characters,
with discounts for multiple insertions. Deadline for winter issue:
November 13th.
For more information on classifieds, call Extension 248.
For details on display ads, dial extension 355
Contact: (212) 366-6900 extension 226 or e-mail fyi to join the
mailing list.

ARTS WIRE serves artists, arts workers, arts organizations and arts
funders via on-line communication. While Arts Wire is now a program of
the Services and Technology Division at NYFA, numerous Internet-based
projects continue to be managed by the Education Division. These
projects include the Empire State Partnership Web Site and the On-line
Artist Residency. These projects are designed to encourage
experimentation and program development using the benefits of
telecommunications technology and Arts Wire’s technical support.

Arts Wire has great discussion rooms, up to date artist related news and
opportunities. It can be reached on the web at: or by e-mail at artswire.


In 1997 the New York Foundation for the Arts initiated activity around
design education by soliciting potential funders and holding an advisory
meeting in which discipline related initiatives were discussed.
Currently a major national and tri-state research project is underway
which will result in a print and on-line publications. The intent of the
Design Education Initiative is to raise consciousness and increase
inclusion of design education within the arts education fields.

If you are interested in receiving information about design education
models when the project is completed in spring, 1999 email Sarah Lohrius
at lohrius to be added to the database.

If you have incorporated projects that use “Design Thinking” into your
classroom, we’d love to speak with you about your project as well.

Contact Sarah Lohrius at (212) 366-6900 extension 281 for further


In 1994, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. collaborated with the New York
Foundation for the Arts to launch the New York City Choral Music
Initiative – a program that provides choral music for under-served
children in several New York City public elementary schools. This
program allows for high quality, vocal music instruction to be given to
a large number of students at a relatively low cost.

In 1997-98, eight schools participated in yearlong choral music
residencies while one additional school participated in the Initiative
with a spring residency. Together, the nine schools of the New York
City Choral Music Initiative brought singing into the lives of more than
1,500 schoolchildren.
The activities of the Initiative continue to reflect the program’s
commitment to collaboration, direct instruction and evaluation. Because
each school, with the choral director, develops the program to suit the
needs of their children, unique and exciting educational activities have
emerged. As a result, the repertoire and the structure of the choral
sessions vary greatly from school to school.

In 1998-99, the New York City Choral Music Initiative will support 10
high-poverty schools with quality music instruction. Furthermore, as
the Initiative begins its fifth year, the program will assume a
leadership role in the realm of the city’s arts education efforts.
Three initiatives will be introduced beginning fall 1998. First, school
year staff development meetings will be offered to assist choral
directors in solving problems and building professional skills. Second,
a dedicated web site will be prepared and maintained to provide
resources and assistance to choral directors. Lastly, a choral
institute scheduled for summer 1999 will feature three days of
workshops, master classes and performances. All staff development
efforts will be directed at choral instructors working in elementary
schools and will deal with issues that arise when working with large
groups of children who have no prior experience with music and a wide
range of abilities.

Eligibility: Title 1 elementary schools that have no vocal music
programs in the metro New York Region.
Award and Deadline: Application by Invitation

For information, send a letter of inquiry to Alison Cox at NYFA, 155
Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl. New York, NY, 10013
The majority of these programs are funded by the New York State Council
on the Arts, unless otherwise noted.