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Fwd: arts funding petition is bogus

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Wed, 7 Oct 1998 07:30:26 EDT

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Sorry about this gang. I thought it was the real thing when I sent it.

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Subject: arts funding petition is bogus
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 08:20:05 EDT
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To all who have received the petition, a friend who investigated received the
message quoted below from UNC. Sorry about that, folks.

I sent the petition back to UNC, and got this message back in return. You
might want to pass it on.
Thanks --- Beth

"To ALL concerned....
This petition is (read carefully) NO LONGER BEING USED!! It
has become a spam-mail phenomenon - an email phantom that has
been haunting the web because it keeps getting forwarded, not
through the fault of the people who do so, but because they
have been misinformed. Students generated this petition in 1995
and used it two months after it's inception.
It was and is not the content or purpose of the petition
that UNC has EVER reputed, and especially not the students right
to free speech, it was the way in which the petition was sent out
in bulk with no date or statement about longevity of use. Please
pass on this page to those you may have forwarded the petition to.
Misinformation can be a powerful thing! G'day to all...

(The Original UNC spam mail reply follows:).....

This message has been sent to you because you have sent
a message pertaining to a "bulk" mail message. Two such
mailings originated here at the University of Northern
Colorado. UNC does not condone soliciting of any kind and
does not support spam emails. The students who sent
out the messages were reprimanded by the University and have
agreed to not abuse the network by sending out chain

The messages we are aware of are the PBS/NEA/NPR petition
and the "Internet Business Opportunity" message. If you
believe you have received a newly generated message,
please send a message to postmaster along with
a copy of the message.

Thank you for your cooperation. These are problems we
are still dealing with, although these messages were sent
out years ago. We are trying to stop the spread of these
messages, but have had little luck as the vastness of the
internet continues to grow."