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Lesson Plans

Re: "Trashing" the art room

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Ckart (ckupcin)
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 11:29:12 -0500


I read with interest some of the responses to your problem on the list this
>Can you talk to them till you're "blue in the face" . .
This makes YOU do all the work, the kids will get bored , stop being
attentive and then you'll have more behavior problems trying to keep them

>They have a class period to come up with a plan to improve their behavior
>in the room. You will be glad to help monitor their progress, but it is
>ultimately up to them.
Not a bad idea, but only if they: see, realize, accept the responsibility
for changing behavior. (Right now they are happy being immature and
irresponsible) Gosh, that alone could take the rest of the semester :)

> I went home for lunch one day and I never went back.
We all have days where we fantasize something like this. Can't believe
this person actually did it!!

> It's not too late to have them wash the floors!!!!
(snip) Left all the dirt from the other
>classes for them to clean, and if they didn't have class then have
>them come in any way during any of their free periods or after
>school to clean. Sorry they all have to be punished. Maybe clean up
>for a month?
This would be good if you actually knew which individuals did the deed --
singling three, four, or five out for cleaning would be a consequence. But
with a whole class it might backfire: us against her. It could start a
reaction of "getting even" situations.

>Oh and if you couldn't call them in the morning then I would have
>left it their and had all the other classes see what disrepectful,
>immature kids the older ones are.
Might also give some of the younger ones some bad ideas :(

Hope you are having a better day today.