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Re: "Trashing" the art room

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 22:32:19 -0400

Would you have cleaned your own kids? I would have hauled their
little butts to class the next morning(over loud speaker-*th grade
blah blah blah report to so and so) Let them clean the mess. Also
Jill, I hoped you saved the crayons because that is what they have
for the rest of the semester the only medium they can use. If they
need help in making the
crayons from shaved crayons fine, be there, I wouldn't trust them.
Then Tear a huge wall size sheet of paper and attach to wall and
have it divided into grids and assign a square to each kid. They can
not use any other supplies until the entire mural is covered (with
crayon) they will have to have every square join and they must come
up with a title and no vulgar, obscenity, or what ever else you
stipulate. remember these kids grow up fast some are already parents
, so teach what they will have to do when they vandalize!!!!!!!!! If
they need more crayons, they will have to provide them they are
cheap and suggest they could ask at supply stores or help them
figure out how to call and inquire. It's not too late to have them
wash the floors!!!! Sorry I went on, I know the last thing you need
at the end of the day is to see some pranks and a loss of supplies.
God Disrespectful kids really get me, and if their parents and no
one else seems to care your going to have to try to instill some
discipline. Sorry.

Hey did you get my halloween stuff?????????????????

Oh and if you couldn't call them in the morning then I would have
left it their and had all the other classes see what disrepectful,
immature kids the older ones are. Left all the dirt from the other
classes for them to clean, and if they didn't have class then have
them come in any way during any of their free periods or after
school to clean. Sorry they all have to be punished. Maybe clean up
for a month?

BluesTruth wrote:
> Dear Fellow Art Educators,
>..Here's what happened: Although I didn't catch them in the act- I
> know that my 8th grade students took my crayons while my back was >turned, of course, and hid them underneath some tables I have in my >class. At the end of
> the day, by some fluke, I moved the table and found 1,000's of >crayons.

john barrick
Sandra Barrick